Aggressively Anti-Nature Spring and Summer Wear

By Shawn

It’s been a long winter, but the weather’s finally getting nice in New England. I imagine lots of people are gonna be out today enjoying the first 60 degree day we’ve had in ages. But just because it seems like spring is finally here, that doesn’t mean we should forgive nature for the blizzards it decided to throw our way. Some sort of protest is warranted. In that spirit, I’d like propose a new line of belligerent spring and summer wear.

Let the angry fashion show commence:


A shirt: "Wilderness is raw aterial for man's industry"

A handsome rainslicker, with "Fuck You, Rain" written prominently on the chest

A shirt: "Beauty does not inhere in nature but is ascribed to it by the operations of the mind"

Sunglasses emblazoned with "Overrated Cancer-Orb"

This winter was terrible.  Never forget.

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