Tumblr Memes, I Will Conquer You

By Shawn

I’ve become impressed by the number of Tumblr memes that have gone viral. Some of them are pretty amusing. As I result, I’ve become determined to try my own hand at this. And I think I’ve worked out the basic formula for Tumblr meme success:

animals or celebrities + whatever the hell = winning at the Internet

All I have to do is apply this formula, and the accolades are sure to start rolling in.

Shawn: Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Shawn.

Adoring Stranger: Wait a second. Surely not the Shawn who photoshopped all those animals and/or celebrities doing whatever the hell?

Shawn: The one and the same.

Adoring Stranger: Sir, if it isn’t too forward, I’d like to buy you some money.

Shawn: Why go right ahead!

I can’t imagine that going any other way. So here, without further ado, is my first stab at this:

Squirrels with Awesome Facial Hair


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